Bass fishing started sometime around the mid-1800s, it is called a sport of anglers the art of using poles and live bait to fish.  Did you know the first artificial lure used for bass was developed in the form of an artificial fly (a lure tied, most commonly, with thread, feathers, and fur, but may also include lead (for weight), ribbon, tinsel, beads, and other assorted materials). Since the turn of the centuries the sport has changed drastically it has become the second most specifically sought-after competitive/recreationally game fish in the United States. When competing in bass fishing the fish are caught placed in a live well, and released as soon as the are weighed by officials. Competitors are penalized heavily for dead fish and in some cases dead fish are not weighed. Fish turned in for weighing are immediately released or placed in tanks and treated for stress and glycol-protein (slime coat) injury, then released back into the water.  

Last but not lease there are two major bass fishing competitions one is the Bassmaster Tournament Trail, organized by the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the other event is the Wal-Mart FLW Tour. Both tours have nationally network coverage like ESPN and Fox Sports Net, and covered extensively by the media. 

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United BassMasters are in affiliation with the FLW we host events and tournaments in North Carolina and South Carolina. Bass fishing is both competitive and recreationally as it is all over the United States we follow all guidelines under the FLW and governmental wildlife.